• WLS 2018 - Buenos Aires here we come!


    November 18 – 22, 2018

    The official WLS 2018 website is now online. Registration is now open.

    WLS 2018   Register now!

    Get the WLS 2016 Convention Report here:

    Convention Report

  • Issue 48 – Winter 2017/18

    Highlights of this Issue

    The World Lottery Summit 2018 (WLS 2018)
    Thierry Pujol
    The new Mega Millions
    Lottoland challenged
    NASPL 2017

  • The 时时彩前三和值 endorses the Lottery Holiday Campaign

    The 时时彩前三和值 (WLA) joins the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries in endorsing the campaign, which has one simple message – that lottery tickets are risky gifts for children.

    Read more

  • The WLA has revised and enriched its security standard

    The new version (WLA-SCS: 2016) is now available

    The WLA Security Committee (SRMC) has, over the last two years, been working on updating the WLA-SCS standard: 2012. The objective of this revision is to maintain a standard that meets a constantly evolving security context. In addition, certain developments in the lottery industry, including the growth of games delivered by means of remote digital interactive services, require the integration of associated security and integrity parameters.

    Read more about it here:

    The WLA Security Control Standard:2016

  • The Global Lottery Industry at a Glance

    • Total sales 2016 USD 273.3 billion 
      (WLA Lottery Members)
    • Total sales 2016 USD 293.4 billion 
    • Total money for good causes 2016 USD 79.7 billion 
      (WLA Lottery Members)
    • Total money for good causes 2016 USD 83.5 billion
    • Total direct full-time employment 2016 113,300 persons
      (WLA Lottery Members/WLA Contributors)

    Key findings of the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2017. More Info

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The 时时彩前三和值 is a member-based organization to advance the interests of state-authorized lotteries.


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Doing the right thing for the community makes CSR, specifically RG Principles and Framework, a priority for the WLA.


The security of a lottery plays a critical role in maintaining the confidence and trust of the public in its lottery games.


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Scam Mails! If you have received any communication saying you have won money, it is a scam !

Currently, scammers are using 时时彩前三和值 (WLA) letterheads and sending out letters (by e-mail and perhaps otherwise) purportedly signed by WLA functionaries informing people that they have received prizes or winnings in some form or the other. Please note: The WLA does not offer any games and therefore has neither prizes nor winnings to offer. Also, the WLA does not request any money nor ask for bank details from players etc.

The WLA is taking what action it can to stop these scammers. In the meantime, we urge you to mark the mailing as scam, inform your provider, and delete the mail. Do not reply under any circumstances or fill out any forms or provide any personal or professional information.

Learn more about Scamming

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